Bay Area Contour Clip and Email Tool
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1) Select a data format:

2) Draw an area (< 1000 acres due to server capacity)

Click the button, press down to start, let go to end.

3) Select a contour interval (default is 1 foot)

4) Enter your email

5) Submit the request

Check your junk mail if you don't receive an email.

Zoom to an Address:

1. This app provides access to contours for the following counties (check the specific metadata after you download for details): Marin, Napa, Sonoma, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, and Contra Costa.

2. Some counties do not have 1 foot interval contours (e.g., Santa Cruz and Napa); for these counties you will get 2 foot contours even if you request 1 foot.

3. If an area on the border of multiple counties is selected, outputs will include separate files for each county.

4. Thanks to Kass Green, Gene Forsberg for funding this server, and the UC Berkeley Geospatial Innovation Facilility for hosting it!